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Gladu Ride Massage and Saddle Fit

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Welcome to Gladu Ride Massage & Saddle Fit, offering a Bodyworker’s perspective on correct Saddle Fitting, Bio-mechanics, Therapeutic Massage Therapy for horse and rider and SO much more! Tune into the podcast to hear from Jackie Gladu-Asbell, Licensed Massage Therapist, who is here to guide you on this intensely educational journey. *Are You tired of purchasing saddles that don’t fit either You or Your horse, wasting thousands of dollars in the process? *Would You like to learn how to take Your horse’s wither tracings, interpret the findings, evaluate Your horse for soreness directly related to the saddle and assure Yourself that Your saddle fits You both?You are invited to come along on this journey and explore the mystery of Saddle Fitting because Jackie is here to help YOU be “Gladu Ride”!